180729 Pack #5

I am using A-Atacs fabric for this one. Trouble is matching colors! On this pack I want to focus more on straps and sewing techniques. Starting this time with the straps.


outside Back panel and sides

Totally screwed up the hidden zipper!

I decided not to line the bag. Left it unstructured. And I kind of the the raw look inside the bag.

180729 Pack #5

180721 Backpack #4

Decided to do Multicam Alpine again – x-pac fabric for the exterior. As a lining, i really love Dacron sailcloth. It is light, strong and provides structure. I purchased from Sailrite https://www.sailrite.com/Dacron-Supercruise-9-4oz-54.

You can see from the following picture that the x-pac is a little translucent so using the white Dacron as backing makes it “pop” instead of looking muddy.

For the interior, I used regular uncoated Multicam Alpine 500D

i just decided to do straight straps. I don’t notice a lot of difference in comfort.

Back panel with straps added

Now for the sides. I was running out of Multicam Alpine 1 inch webbing and I didnt want to use black so I made my own Molle strips

Sides attached. Now zipper

180721 Backpack #4

180624 Second backpack part II

The panel turned out to be much easier than I thought.

I tried it on for size and it lined up well.

Next was to make a couple of outside pockets

And then to sew in the zipper

Last to do was the bottom. I was planning to do a box bottom

A little foreshadowing. Box bottoms are a bit tricky and I havent done that many. It turned out to be a bit of a mess but doesnt look horrible.


The finished pack.

I decided not to finish the inside with grosgrain ribbon as I need to order more, didnt have the time and are already planning out my next one.

180624 Second backpack part II

180623 Second Backpack.

The one I was working on wasnt going as planned so I decided to make a different one.

The last bag lacked molle for my sunglasses and water bottle so I included it on the sides.

I put two small zipper pockets on the sides.

I decided to use white camo for in inside.

Next was the shoulder straps. I used a different technique. They came out too wide:

Next was to sew them in:

Then to join the sides:

Then the zipper:

More tomorrow…

180623 Second Backpack.